The Hottest New Beach Accessory: Sharkbanz

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Being a mom at the beach is hard.

(Okay, admittedly it’s first world problem “hard.” But challenging, nonetheless.)

First off, if you even make it down to the beach with all your stuff…you’re winning, but exhausted. Setting up and applying everyone’s sunscreen zaps the last bit of your energy. About the time you finally sit down, the first child will ask for a snack.

Beach moms have a continuous narrative of concerns going through their heads:

“Have my kids been drinking enough water?”

“Did I apply enough sunscreen on their faces?”

“Is there an undertow today?”

“Was that my kid who just threw sand?”

And then the big one- “Is that a shark fin I see?”

As a beach mom, I constantly feel torn between being a fun mom that lets her children spend countless hours in the ocean, and a mom that desperately wants to keep her kiddos safe. As my children have grown in their appreciation for riding good waves, they’ve become less satisfied digging in the sand.

I found myself spending most of my beach time standing in the surf scanning the area for sharks and being ready to jump to the rescue in an emergency. Additionally, I nagged my children to not go out so far in the ocean. All. The. Time. It got old!

If I’m being completely honest, the beach began losing its appeal. I couldn’t relax. And my kids felt like they couldn’t have fun.

Something had to give.

As luck would have it, a few weeks before our beach trip this summer, a group of moms at our pool began talking about sharks. Or, more specifically the hottest new beach accessory- Sharkbanz.

Intrigued, I looked up the website as soon as we got back home. It didn’t take more than 5 minutes of reading through the impressive testimonials to realize my kiddos had to have them for our trip.

Without being overdramatic, I need to say that this product is life changing. Or, at the very least, vacation changing!

I had so many people stop me on the beach and ask about the Sharkbanz. Everyone’s first question to me was: “Do they work?”

Well, neither one of my children got bit by a shark. So there’s that. But, it’s hard for me to really defend the effectiveness of the Banz since in all fairness, they’ve never been bit by a shark.

Sharkbanz are perfect for kids of all ages.

But here’s my testimonial: As a beach mom, I was 100% relaxed when my children were in the water. The Sharkbanz gave me peace of mind so I could enjoy my kids rather than feel the need to protect them. I sat in my beach chair, took pictures and cheered them on as they rode the waves!

One day on the beach I found myself caught up in a comical conversation with another beach parent who was literally trying to buy the Sharkbanz off my children’s legs. Bottom line, I wasn’t going to part with them! But we had a funny exchange referencing that old, cheesy commercial where they list the cost of a bunch of items, and end with something that’s “priceless.”

In other words, with allthe expenses that come along with a family beach vacation, the value you get from the Sharkbanz is truly priceless! I was able to enjoy every minute of our time on the beach. (Of course I still had to dole out snacks every 5 minutes, and reapply everyone’s sunscreen…)

Sharkbanz are the perfect accessory for all children who love playing in the waves.

For the first time since my kids began loving the ocean, I returned from our beach trip feeling like I’d actually had a vacation.

So, this mama is a fan. A big fan!

You can purchase Sharkbanz for your kiddos by clicking on this link or the image below.

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