The Ultimate List of Destinations For Harry Potter Fans

I’m going to throw myself under the bus for a second and admit, I’m not a Harry Potter Fan. I know. Jaws are dropping.

It’s just not my thing. I’m cringing as I type this because I know I’m going to alienate virtually everyone reading this post. But, honestly science fiction and make-believe have never really interested me.

A long time ago I worked as a counselor at a summer camp. Another counselor in my cabin came up with the idea to read to our girls every night before bed. She selected a book– Harry Potter. I distinctly remember DREADING the nights when it was my turn to read. It was so boring and silly to me that I’d literally have to fight to stay awake while I read aloud. It was the one and only time I ever held a Harry Potter book in my hand.

Until this summer.

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My sweet daughter, that I love very much, is HP obsessed. I’m quite confident she’s got all of the books memorized as she can tell you any detail you’d ever want to know. AND which book it comes from. (I kid you not, she can even pinpoint the page number within a few seconds. It’s scary how well she knows this series!)

Anyway, even though she’s capable of reading on her own we still read aloud together most nights. So this summer she made a book suggestion. You guessed it…Harry Potter.

Admittedly, I did my best to get out of it. I drug my feet and hoped she’d forget the request. But, of course, she didn’t.

I suggested that rather than reading at night- we read in the morning (hopeful that I could stay awake long enough to read a chapter!) So with coffee in hand, we began.

It’s with great effort that I type this…I get it now.

No, I haven’t turned into a super fan. Actually, I wouldn’t even admit that I like Harry Potter. Unless Mary Grace asks me to, it’s doubtful that I’ll even read the rest of the series.

But, I can appreciate the appeal.

Since I do love travel, I can also admit that my curiosity is peaked enough to add a few Harry Potter destinations to our bucket list (for Mary Grace, of course!) Here are the top 10 stops I’m looking forward to visiting:

  1. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios (Check out these 5 Dares for your visit!)
  2. HP Themed Room at The Georgian House Hotel, London
  3. Alnwick Castle, England
  4. 4 Privet Drive- Little Whinging, Surrey
  5. The Hogwarts Express Route (The Jacobite, Scottland)
  6. Leadenhall Market, London
  7. The Elephant House, Scotland
  8. Czocha Castle, Poland
  9. Kings Cross, London
  10. Balmoral Hotel, Scotland

As I look over this list, whether you’re a Harry Potter fan or not…it looks like some pretty fabulous travel!

In the meantime, your Harry Potter obsessed child may enjoy playing with the brand new themed Lego sets!

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