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Georgia is one of the oldest states in the union and has a character all of its own. Many people think that it fits in with the rest of the deep southern states, but that’s not quite right. It’s a different kind of place than, say Alabama or Louisiana.

In this post, we take a look at some tips for those planning on travelling to this interesting and enigmatic place. Check them out below:

Tip 1: Sample The Famous Georgia Peaches

Depending on the time of year, traveling to Georgia can introduce you to some of the world’s finest peaches. After all, the state is famous for them. 

Everywhere you travel in the state, you’ll see images of peaches. They’re on billboards, car plates, and road signs. Georgians are very proud of their fruit heritage and aren’t afraid to let visitors know about it. Plus, they’re not averse to the odd innuendo here or there, so you have been warned. 

Tip 2: Visit The Film Sets

Georgia sits just behind New York and Hollywood as a film set destination, thanks to its rich cultural heritage. The state is replete with country mansions, attractive forests and old-fashioned towns. Many series, including Netflix’s Stranger Things have been filmed here. Films in this location include Baby Driver and Forrest Gump

Tip 3: Enjoy The Local Generous Food

Traveling to Georgia simply isn’t complete without sampling some of the local generous food. Southern hospitality is something to marvel at. Much of the time, you’ll feel like you’re eating for two. 

But it’s not just the size of the portions that sets Georgia apart from the rest of the country. It’s also the comforting ingredients that the locals use. Georgia is famous for fried green tomatoes, cornmeal, shrimp and green tomatoes. It’s also home to some of the best local pizza you’ll find anywhere in the world. Restaurateurs in Atlanta find the best ingredients and won’t settle for anything less. 

Tip 4: Let Your Sweet Tooth Out Of Its Cage

Georgians have a sweet tooth – there’s no denying it. So if you’re travelling to the region, be sure to live life like the locals. 

Muscadine wine is a regional delicacy. It is highly sweet, but also incredibly delicious. It’s also the perfect remedy for the state’s hot climate – something that you can sip on while enjoying the fine weather. 

There are also many local desserts you can try. These include Georgian pecan pie, and peach cobbler. Banana pudding is another favorite. 

Tip 5: Bring Plenty Of Snacks With You

Outside of Atlanta, Georgia is primarily a rural state. If you’re planning on going on a road trip, make sure that you take plenty of snacks with you. A local favorite is boiled peanuts with flavorings. You’ll often find roadside stands where you can pick up a bag and take it with you for your trip. 

Tip 6: Watch Gone With The Wind Before You Go

Gone with the Wind is perhaps Georgia’s most famous movie, starring Margaret Mitchell who lived in an old-fashioned house in midtown Atlanta. Amazingly, you can actually take a tour of many of the sets in the movie with local companies. So watching the movie first will provide all the necessary context. 

Tip 7: Prepare Yourself For Some Harsh Terrain

Georgia’s beaches, mountains and swamps can sometimes be harsh terrain for the unsuspecting adventurer, so make sure that you prepare yourself in advance. 

If you head north, you’ll come to the Blue Ridge Mountains, perhaps the most famous natural feature in the estate. Here, Georgians go camping, kayaking, fishing and hiking. If Lakes are more your thing, be sure to head on over to Lake Lanier, where you can find many paddling opportunities. 

The Georgian coast has a Floridian feel about it, but it isn’t as busy. To get away from the crowds and enjoy a long stroll on the beach, go in the winter. 

Tip 8: Explore The Civil Rights History

If it wasn’t for the state of Georgia, modern civil rights history wouldn’t have taken the shape that it did. Atlanta played a pivotal role in the movement and was the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. If you travel to Sweet Auburn Avenue, you can see the house in which he spent his childhood. Just make sure that you buy your tickets in advance because numbers are limited and the venue is extremely popular during peak seasons. 

You can also visit the Ebenezer Baptist church where he and his father both preached.

From the marshland, to the mountains to the big city of Atlanta, Georgia is a fantastic state to put on your travel radar!

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