Unraveling the Challenges of Family Camping

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Family camping is a cherished American tradition that can leave many newcomers feeling uncertain. The truth is that, like with everything, all the benefits of family camping require preparation and understanding. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how often people tell you all about the joys of going camping with the kids.

If you don’t know how to approach camping, it is unlikely to be a fun experience. 

But first, let’s remind ourselves of what camping as a family can mean when it is done well. Spending time together is always a fantastic opportunity for bonding. Camping elevates it even more by removing a lot of the usual distractions of holidaying together. When you go camping, you can enjoy getting back to nature and getting rid of the urban stress. As you do, your mind makes more room for bonding and making new memories with your loved ones. 

And now, let’s check which are the most common mistakes that can turn your idyllic camping vacation into a nightmare. 

Insufficient living space for family camping

Let’s be honest for a moment. When you go camping, you appreciate that you can’t take your entire home with you. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should live crammed and on top of each other during your holiday! Camping is all about minimalist holidaying without sacrificing comfort. Can you go small without going overcrowded? 

The answer is yes as you can add a tent. Unsure about choosing camper tent options? Hopefully, this guide can help you. Essentially, this will allow you to combine the space of a camper van and the space of a tent, which can make your family camping trip a lot more enjoyable. This can be a game changer, especially as tight living spaces can lead to conflict, irritability, and stress, which is the absolute opposite of what a camping trip should be!

Forgetting essential camping items

New camping enthusiasts may prepare a checklist to ensure they bring everything they need. However, if you are unfamiliar with camping, there may be a few missing items off your list. Forgetting to bring essential items can truly tarnish the fun of camping. This can get especially frustrating when you have no way of replacing the items you didn’t bring with you, as it can happen when you go on a remote camping spot. 

So which are the most commonly forgotten items on camping trips? Here are the top 5 most worst missing items: 

  • Batteries of all sizes (don’t settle for just AA or AAA, take both)
  • USB cords for all electronics 
  • Bug spray (and yes, you will need it in every camping trip)
  • First aid supplies
  • Glass case and contact lenses solution and case

Planning a trip when the kids are too young

Granted, family camping trips should be for the entire family. However, the age of your children is a critical factor in the overall camping experience. As a rule of thumb, you want to ensure your kids are old enough to be adaptable and participate in all (or most) activities. This will depend entirely on each child, but typically they should be around 3 to 4 year-old before embarking on extended camping trip. 

The bottom line: Camping trips can be a lot of fun as long as you fully understand how to plan them effectively. Simple mistakes could completely ruin your trip! So make sure to avoid some of the most common camping traps with your family. 

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