The Time It started raining and never stopped

Jul 13 2020

The One Where It Started Raining And Never Stopped

I think my kids will forever tell stories of boat ...
My kids are total beach bums.

Jul 6 2020

The One Where We Brought our Home, “home” to Hilton Head

Of all the places in the world that we've dreamed ...
Our first night on anchor looked pretty, but it was a nightmare

Jun 29 2020

The One Where We Anchored Out For The First Time

Several different titles would have been appropriate for this post. ...

Jun 22 2020

The One Where The Journey Begins

June 1st, 2020 is where our journey begins. The beginning ...
Life in charming, small town, Brunswick GA

Jun 15 2020

The One With Life In Brunswick, Georgia

Right off the bat I'm going to apologize for the ...
24 Hours of Bad Ideas owning a boat

Jun 8 2020

The One With 24 Hours Of Bad Ideas

Brent and I've had some REALLY bad ideas throughout the ...